Before I start to document my progress as a wannabe game developer, I want to share few words about myself and my background.

I am "Jussi", a technology multi-talent from Southern Finland. I have graduated with a Master of Science (Eng) at the beginning of this millemium, majoring Digital and Computer Systems. My career as computer HW engineer started in parallel with my university studies, in mid-90's, and I have specialized in ASIC design. My past employers have been large, internationally operating companies on telecommunications and semiconductors business.

Most of my work has been problem solving and writing different scripts for design automation and small utilities needed in design flow. There has also been some other responsibilities, like documentation, Linux system administration, and developing and organizing trainings.

I've been studying game development theory for a while. Currently, I see this as a hobby and I am not doing this full time. My budget is also very limited (close to zero), so I am using free software and resources as much as possible. Local library has quite many books on game creation and production, so I have taken advantage of it. I have also trained to use related tools, like Blender and Unity3D. There is a lot of self-studying material in the internet (videos, blogs, articles), and most of them are free of charge.

I am still lacking the hands-on experience on game development, so next logical step would be to start planning and creating own game(s).



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