Open-source drawing tools

Since I am interested to use open-source software for game development, my drawing tools can be found from that category also. Currently, my development work is done on Linux laptop, so it also causes some restrictions for the available software.

I started sprite creation with a tool called Aseprite. It is quite simple and easy-to-use free software for creating sprite sheets. (edit: Aseprite is nowadays paid software). There are no complex drawing tools included, but with steady hand and patience you can create almost anything. In my case, the only major problem with Aseprite was the low performance on my Linux laptop if  not started at separate XServer (Run "xinit aseprite -- :1" command in tty1, or something like that). 

I have been using Gimp for simple image processing even before starting game development activities. However, I thought it was too complex and difficult to use with multiple windows and confusing menus. But then I "found" the single-window version of Gimp (v2.8?) and started seriously using the tool. In fact, I have created >90% of my game graphics with Gimp, even if it is sometimes bit difficult to use. It just happens to have all the required tools in one package. 

I would be interested to learn using Inkscape, because I have heard that it is easy to use and has lots of useful features for game graphics. If I find nice and compact tutorial, then I surely give it a try. 

There are plenty of other graphics/animation tools for Linux, and it might be a good idea to have a more complete review on them at some point. 


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