We're done! (Explopool flash game)

It is somehow rewarding (and also relaxing) to get something finished.

I am happy to tell, that after all that debugging, polishing and problem solving we got "Explopool" flash game ready and released. Game mechanics is not too complex, but still there were challenges to be overcome before we were able to say that this (possibly) works.

The basic idea of the game is simple: place and set a bomb to pool table, wait it to explode, and see how balls are pushed by the shock wave. If ball goes to the pocket, you will receive some points and handful of coins. When coin meter (on the right hand side) is full, you will get one more bomb. There is also possibility to get 2x or 3x points, if you get enough balls to the pockets with one explosion.

There are few special features available to make game more interesting and challenging:
  • black hole: sucks all balls in certain range to the hole
  • color match: if this is activated, balls of same color will disappear if they collide
  • multi bomb: Bomb will explode 2-3 times at some point (does not decrease the number of available bombs)
  • Nasty cover: This is bad, really bad. If you get this, the hole is blocked by a cover. Makes game surprisingly difficult.

Following lines were added because of Mochimedia flash services shutdown in the end of March 2014.

Mochimedia winded down all services in the end of March. Original Mochimedia version of Explopool is still available at couple of hundred flash game portals, but the leaderboards are not working anymore in them.

So, I strongly recommend you to play Explopool at Newgrounds or Kongregate. Both of them have leaderboards up and running, and Newgrounds version has also some medals to be earned.

If interested on Explopool, please have a try:

Also, check our webpages for latest news:



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