Jam entry

As mentioned in previous blog article, my target was to attend FGL's "week long game jam" with one idea. However, after four days of work I realized that I am not able to make the game as playable as I wanted to. So I decided to freeze development work, and quickly drafted a new concept that was possible to get to up and running in less than one day. 

In practice it was ~7 hours before deadline when I started creating the game. But the development work went quite smoothly without any problems, and in the end I got the game ready in 5 hours. So there were still some margin left. :)

It works best with some touch-screen device supporting HTML5, but you can try it also with computer+mouse combination. You can find game also from FGL, if you have account there. 

Next step would be to polish the graphics and make some improvements to the gameplay.

Edit 7.6.2014: No special success in jam, but got some valuable feedback how game could be improved. The most important thing for me was to get game into such a condition that I dared to enter the jam. Thanks for all participants, you did great work! :) 



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