Testing and polishing

I've been bit busy with my daily work for last couple of weeks, so gamedev activities have got less attention than normally. But still there has been some progress since my last update.

My original plan was to finish and release "Dualball" flash game in the end of September, but now it seems to take some more time. Game itself is in pretty good shape: the mechanics works, there are no detected major flaws currently, and 75% of planned levels are ready and tested quite well. 

We have done thorough testing ourselves and a number of serious bugs have been found and corrected during the process. Gameplay tests have been run on both computer and touch-screen tablet to get some extra coverage. It has been interesting to see that some bugs are not easily visible on both platforms: E.g. "ball ground check" routine worked fine on computer, but on tablet there were strange malfunction with it. So I strongly recommend you to test your games on multiple platforms in early development phase also, if possible.  

I have tried to have more focus on graphics than with my previous games. So most of the sprites, backgrounds and UI buttons are ready-made open-source assets found from the internet. 

Here is the latest preview video of "Dualball" game:

Video has been captured using my Linux laptop that clearly has not enough computing power for the task. So the framerate and quality is not the best possible. But anyways, I believe you will get the idea. 

Now it seems that this game will be released just for Flash. I will probably skip the Android version, because it would require buying the Stencyl Studio version and I have already decided to switch to Construct 2 tool after this project. 



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