Status update / going mobile

It's quite long time from my latest blog article, so I try to catch up what has happened lately. 

First of all, we got "Dualball" flash game released to both Newgrounds and Kongregate. For some unkonwn reason, this game was extremely hard to get ready and published. And to be honest, there were some planned features we dropped out from the released version. We just had no motivation to implement those. Also, at summertime we planned to have Android version too, but that is not on our plans at the moment. There has been some queries from flash version players for us to create mobile version, but at this point I don't promise anything.

Another change has been the slow migration from Stencyl to Construct 2. The reason for this has simply been the HTML5 capability of the latter one. Exported game can be played on almost any platform you can imagine, and the HTML5 output can be converted to some kind of "native" application e.g. for Android, iOS, WP, etc. 

Our first native Android game is progressing and it will be created with C2. The exported HTML5 is converted to apk using Crosswalk (Intel XDK). I will probably create a separate blog article to describe the process and the issues we have seen with that flow. 

During the last month I've been learning a lot: Construct 2 usage, HTML5, Crosswalk, Google Play project setup, and so on. There have been several problems with various tools, but yesterday we were able to upload the alpha test version of our first Android game to Google Play! It is still for testing purposes only, but anyways it is visible at Playstore (for limited audience, of course). :) We are hoping to get beta release available soon for wider audience. 



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