Android game published!

I am happy to tell that our first mobile game called "Swing Rocket Dash" was published at Google Play for ten days ago. Since we had no previous experience on creating Android applications, there was all kinds of a problems to be solved along the way. But anyways we got it somehow working.

Game was developed using Construct 2, exported as HTML5, and finally built to Android native app using Crosswalk (Intel XDK). I will later provide separate article on this to clarify technical details and issues we met during the process. 
Game was also published as HTML5 at Newgrounds. Basically, is was quite easy to make the release: HTML5 export was zipped so that index.html was on top level hierarchy, and zip package was uploaded to Newgrounds. I tried to add Newgrounds HTML5 API to this game, but for some reason it did not work as expected. So there are no medals in the game at the moment. Sorry! :)

BTW, Docteur Pi did a video review of HTML5 version and it can be found from Youtube. It is worth watching! :)

Currently, I am trying to create Windows Phone 8.0 version of Swing Rocket Dash. Basically that is already up and running, but I am still trying to get AdMob ads working there also. So far I have tried to make the build using Visual Studio and Crosswalk Legacy Hybrid Platforms, but still no success. Let's see if I can get all the issues solved in close future.



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