Del Gibbon's Mad Maths

Edit 20.5.2020: Del Gibbon's Mad Math was suspended from Google Play Store about one year because of outdated API. However, just about a month ago we uploaded new version created with Unity3D to Play Store. So original Construct2/Crosswalk version does now exist anymore. 

Greetings after a long time!

This blog has been quiet for a long time and there has been only few updates during this year. I have been extremely busy in my day job, so I have not been able to use enough time for my game development activities.

Anyways, during my summer vacation I started two totally new mobile game projects. The first one was released to Google Play couple of days ago, and it is called "Del Gibbon's Mad Maths".

This game is aimed to test and develop player's mental calculation skills. Concept is very simple: the answer is shown on top of the screen, and player has to select two or more numbers that totals are same than the answer shown on screen. There is a time limit for each assignment. Game gets faster and faster after every round, and assignments will get more difficult also.

Game was developed using Construct 2 tool using some plugins from Cranberrygame. Android version was created from HTLM5 export using Intel XDK (Crosswalk) tool.

I don't know what else to tell about this game. Leaderboard is also included, so just try it yourself and form your own opinion! :)



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