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Now it is about 7 weeks since I started an ASO trial for one of my apps at Google Play. The target was to improve the visibility of "Del Gibbon's Mad Maths" Android game and get more downloads for it.

I have no previous experience on ASO, so this really was the first try to do something for it. I did some keyword research, used a commercial tool for finding primary keyword(s), optimized app description with the findings, and so on. No idea if any of my methods were correct, but I was trying to follow the guidelines obtained from one ASO course from Udemy's collection.

Unfortunately it seems that there were just few new downloads for the app for last 7 weeks, so I guess I was not able to do ASO properly at this time. Another option would be that my app is so bad (or looks so boring) that no-one wants to install it and give it a try. :)

Anyways, I believe ASO alone is not enough to make your app successful. First of all your app should be interesting enough to get installs. Also, all marketing material including thumbnails, videos, screenshots etc. should be good enough quality to attract users. You may get some installations by advertising and promoting your app. But then the retention will be bad if users notice your app is not interesting at all.

I still have a lot to do making my apps attractive, starting from the visual outlook. But believe me, I am trying!

Below is an in-game footage of my latest app. Check it out and possibly go and install it from Google Play! :)



  1. Interesting. I am about to release an app and have been wondering about this stuff.

  2. Yep, it seems that improving app visibility is not as easy as it seems at first sight. There are hundreds of new apps released every day so competition is very hard. Anyways, you have to figure out some clever way to stand out from competition, even if your app was the greatest one in the world. :) Good luck releasing your app! I would be glad to hear more about it when it is released. .


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