ASO trial: Closing Words

I started App Store Optimization trial in the beginning of September for an Android game called "Del Gibbon's Mad Maths". Based on Google Analytics data, it seems that this trial was not successful at all (what a surprise!).

Target of this trial was to improve the game visibility at app store and get more installations. Both targets failed miserably: there were just handful of new installations during the last 3 months.

This was the first time I was trying to do any sort of keyword research and optimization, so I guess the result was expected.

But what were the reasons for the failure? I guess it was a combined effect of my inexperience in ASO plus usage of related key word research tools. Also, the quality and attractiveness of published game was not too high. If your app is crap, then it is pretty difficult to market it. At least your supporting material, including thumbnails, screenshots and videos should be high quality.

What I can do better next time? Probably it is a good idea to create an attractive and interesting game first. :) Then I should study ASO more and learn to use the tools properly. Some luck will also help, but I don't count on that.

So, there is no silver bullet for this. Of course, if you happen to be lucky, there is a very small possibility that your app will market itself without any extra effort. :)



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