Game Prototype Testing Area:

Edit 14.3.2019: website will be discontinued in Autumn 2019, so links pointine there are removed from this article. 

Very small percentage of our game ideas are completed and published. Most of projects are suspended (or even killed) during the early phases of game development, and only few are really published in form or another. But what happens to the ones which are not completed? In the past we have just left them to the corner of a hard disk, but now we decided to give them a second change.
So we decided to create a site called that is filled with unpublished game prototypes by WestSloth Games. We wanted to give wide audience an opportunity to play and test these immature pieces of digital art and provide feedback about them.
The maturity level of games varies a lot: some prototypes are in quite finished condition, but some of them can be very rough mechanics trials.
We are collecting feedback on some parameters of game. If you like something, please let us know. And if not, please let us know that too.
Please select a game from the “recent posts” list on right hand side of the screen and have a try!
Have fun!
PS. Don’t forget to try our published Android games at Google Play or Flash games at


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