Voxel art avatar for WestSloth Games

I have been playing for couple of days with a voxel editor called MagicaVoxel. Based on my trials I have found it quite interesting and easy-to-use tool for creating some kind of a 3D pixel art. Naturally, there are plenty of other voxel editors available, but so far this is enough for me. 

Today I drafted a new avatar for WestSloth Games, the marketing label for the games I have published:
We have now updated WestSloth Games social media profiles with this picture, so I really hope this looks like a sloth... :) 

If you are interested so see more voxel art from me, please visit WestSloth Youtube channel. I have created there few videos showing how to draw e.g. Minecraft style pig, or Crossy Road style car in very quick and easy way. 

I have also exported object files from MagicaVoxel to Unity3D just to see that I have full flow up and running. Now I just need to draft a good game idea to make use of voxel art...



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