Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Introducing Fly Assault! game

Edit 16.7.2016: Fly Assault! game for Android was released on Google Play Store couple of days ago. So go and get your own free copy by using this link

After releasing Battlecards Android game, we started working on a game concept that was invented couple of years ago. At that times, I created quick&dirty prototype for testing basic game mechanics. Also, main characters were also drawn then. But for some reason we did not continue to work on it.

The working title of this game has been "Fly Attack". But after some not-so-careful thinking we decived to rename it to "Fly Assault!". At least there are not too many games with same name in Google Play. :)

Game itself is very simple and easy to play: There are flies coming from top of the screen and player tries to catch them before flies get in touch to muffins in the bottom of the screen. There are couple of special "weapons" available to boost killing the files: Fly poison and Frog.

Please watch attached video clip from Youtube to get understanding of this game:

Fly Assault! will be available at Google Play Store in July 2016.


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