Shapecalypse: Cosmic Impact (Android)

"Shapecalypse: Cosmic Impact" is a fast-paced space battle game with unique twist. Attention and quick reflexes are required to be successful in this galactic war.

- Google Play leaderboard
- Local highscore will be saved too
- Geometrical aliens have 4 different attack styles (will be mixed)
- Compelling background music
- Easy to learn but hard to master

Facitious story:
Mankind decided to set up a colony on distant asteroid zone. Unfortunately, that part of the space was already inhabited by geometric alien race. So serious consequences will be expected! (what a surprise)

Your task:
Your mission is to defend the surface of distant astral body as long as possible. Geometric aliens will send geometrically shaped meteorites to crush the base, and you are the only one between them and rest of the colony.

Geometrical alien shapes are coming from the sky in different formations. The only way to stop each wave is to catch one of the shapes with your own vessel. Catched shape must match the current shape of your own vessel, otherwise your will lose. And remember: your vessel will change it's shape randomly.

Just tap left or right side of the screen to move your vessel horizontally over the astral body. Arrows on the bottom are just to visualize what's going on.

Good to know:
When aliens will change their attack style, the event is called "Shapecalypse". That means that either their form or approaching style (or both) will change, and you probably are in more trouble than before.

Shapecalypse is created with Construct 2. Android version was build with Crosswalk (Intel XDK).



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