My first Unity3D app is ready!

After long period of hesitating I started to work on my first Unity3D app. To get things going, I selected very small and simple concept to work with.  

Basically, Task Timer is a simple tool to track time used for different tasks. Main features:
  • 3 independent timers that will run also on background and when display is turned off
  • Minimal design: no bells and whistles included. Just the necessary functions!
  • Fully-customizable task names (no limitations)
  • Possibility to export timer data to email template (in csv format)
  • Measurement accuracy: 1 second
You can use Littlest Helper: Task Timer for your everyday time tracking tasks. And it is fully up to you how to use the data generated by the tool: Exported csv data can be taken directly e.g. to Excel (or equivalent) and processed as you wish.

I think this app would be a good tool for everyone who is should measure time used for different tasks (project workers, consultants, etc.). 



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