Bananamarine update

Hello, guys!

Bananamarine project has progressed almost as planned, and release day is close. From gameplay point of view everything is roughtly done, only some polishing and finetuning is still on To-Do list. I guess most work still to be done is on UI and Google Play Store integration. Then we should be ready for launch. And yes, lots of intensive playtesting is required still.

Lots of work has also been done on side activities: We opened yesterday Bananamarine landing page, and Facebook page has also been active for several weeks.

There is also new playtesting video available at Youtube (embedded below). Please check it to see how game looks today.

I don't want to fix exact release day just right now, because this work is done on hobby basis. But current guess is the week after Midsummer (26th-30th June 2017). So please wait one more week for release. :)



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