Going hyper-casual (or die trying)

For some reason, hyper-casual games seem to be one of the hottest thing in mobile gaming at the moment. Just do some googling and you will notice that they really are trending.

This weekend my target was to do fast-paced game development, starting from a concept and resulting to a published game. And goal was achieved, even though there is still lot of room for improvement. Anyways, my coding skills got some practical exercise, what was the purpose of this project.

"Rocket to Uranus" is so-called hyper-casual game for Android. It is available at Google Play Store. 

Some statistics:
- Total of 15 hours of time (3 evenings)
- Approx. 400 lines of new C# code written + ~100 lines of re-used code
- 10+ art assets drawn with Inkscape
- 2 Unity scenes created
- Lots of testing, debugging and bug fixing



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