WestSloth Games: New website with brand-new domain!

In addition to game development hobby I have improved my web development skills by creating and developing websites for my own purposes.

Now I have taken a step towards cloud services and web backend by releasing brand-new landing page for our released games:

Page features:
- Single-page, album-style design
- Responsive, scales for all screen sizes
- Admin console with login for adding/removing/modifying games entries easily

Under the hood:
- Django web framework
- Bootstrap front-end component library
- Local MySQL database. Option to use Postgresql e.g. from Amazon RDS
- Gunicorn Python WSGI HTTP server
- NGINX web server
- Runs on single Amazon Lightsail instance (AWS EC2, in practice)
- Amazon Route 53 for domain hosting and DNS

Kuvahaun tulos haulle django logo
Basically, building simple landing page using Django was surprisingly easy: There are plenty of good tutorials available all over the web and almost all issues were solved by googling error messages. It took me approx 2 hours to get first version up and running on my PC using test server.

But then the hard part was to get same project running on VPS (AWS in my case). I tried two different Django setups: the first one was running on EC2 with Apache2 web server, and the second one was set up to Amazon Lightsail using Gunicorn and Nginx. For me the latter one was easier to get running, mainly because I had solved most of the issues when trying to get wsgi setup file to work with Apache server. :)

So, if you have issues setting up Django based apps on AWS using Gunicorn and Nginx (or Apache), I might be able to help. I have already gone the hard way with them. :)

Django project files (excluding local settings) are available on my Github:
Please note, that this is not exactly the same version that is running on westsloth homepage. Some setup changes are required to get things running on different environments.



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