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First part of my summer vacations is over, and tomorrow it is time go back to work. Luckily, I have still one week vacation left in the beginning of August. :)

My game development activities have also been quite minimal for last couple of weeks. However, there is a small exception: I've been discussing with my brother how our gamedev activities should be continued for the rest of the year. And as a part of this process we have tried to sketch a roadmap for upcoming game releases. I work full-time in large telecommunications company and all my game development is done in leisure time, so there is a clear need for some kind of a rough plan to keep things progressing smoothly.

First of all, we have a plan to release three html5 games in the next six months: Two smaller ones and one large one. Smaller games are planned to have relatively simple graphics and gameplay, so we are able to finish them ourselves quite smoothly. There are already technology demos up and running for both of them, and we expect it takes approximately couple of weeks to get each of them ready for beta test phase.

The large game will be bigger and more complex than any of our previous productions. The working title for the project is "Silent Samurai" (final name will be decided later), and we are currently shaping the background story and will start developing a prototype for testing intended gameplay. Apparently, there will be lots of new things to learn, and we expect that graphics and animation will be a real challenge for us with this game. But I believe we will figure a way to get past all obstacles. 

All games will be created using Construct 2 tool, and they will be published at least for html5. The need for other versions will be evaluated case by case. I have also plans to test other gamedev tools, and I am planning to make trials and small demos at least with Unity3D. 

In parallel to the new html5 game projects, we have decided to do updated versions of two of our old flash games:

Both games were originally created with Stencyl and they were published using the deceased Mochimedia distribution network. The target is to add more levels, and do general polishing to the gameplay and visual outlook, if possible. Updated versions will be released as flash games to Newgrounds and/or Kongregate. 

On top of game development there will be several tasks like maintaining and updating our social media profiles at facebook, google+, twitter and so on. And of course the homepage of Westsloth Games is likely to be changed to more positive direction.

Oh, almost forgot to mention that we have some new hardware available e.g. for testing html5 games: We bought last week a Wii U game console and Samsung Galaxy Tab3 (10.1" LTE). Both of them seem to be running html5 games created with Construct 2, so this may open new opportunities for us. :)

This is our current plan, and progress will be tracked in this blog regularly. So be tuned! :)



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