"Dualball" the Game

We have been working on two separate game projects in parallel. Now one of them is in quite mature condition and it is likely that it will be published in a couple of weeks. So it maybe is time to shortly introduce the game concept?

Working title for the game is "Dualball". This is a platform game where player controls two balls at the same time with single click (or touch, depending on the device). The challenge comes from the parallel nature of this game: you must be able to do some multi-tasking and time your clicks correctly. Timely performance is rewarded with coins that are spread on the levels. Collecting all coins is not always straightforward, and you have to carefully think what kind of a sequence is required to clean up the level.

We have been testing "Dualball" on flash and Android platforms, and it seems that the latter one is bit more convenient for this concept. However, game will be released in flash format first. Android version will follow if there is enough interest to this concept.

Originally this "Dualball" was started as some kind of a technology trial where we tested parallelism and simple controls. One development branch was to try loading levels directly from our own server. We also created a level editor that was running on Excel and Libreoffice. Levels were written out in .csv format, to keep things as simple as possible. Basically all server/client stuff worked quite fine, but there was some performance issues visible and we decided to leave loadable levels out from this version. But this is something we definitely can use in our future projects.



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