Turbomole statistics update (part 2)

I am sharing one more chart showing the daily "Turbomole Trial Run" views over last 61 days. So it's about 2 months since we released this flash game to Newgrounds.

Total number of views is at the moment 46082, so there has been in average 755 views per day (source of data: Newgrounds Statistics). The number of daily views has varied between 35 and 3620. I am pretty happy to these figures, because two months ago we were expecting no more than 5000 views in total.

Ad revenue has been very modest for "Turbomole". There is just one ad shown before title screen, and that's all. I didn't want to irritate players with large number of ads, so there are no between-scenes ads at all in this game. Also, the eCPM seems to be quite low for flash ads. Pre-roll ads would provide better eCPM, but the number of those has been disappointingly low...

What makes the chart interesting is the recovery that has happened couple of times: The number of daily views has first declined close to zero, but then for some mysterious reason it has recovered again. I have followed Newgrounds statistics data on daily basis to get an idea why this has happened. It seems that these "peaks" have occurred because of new sites have taken the game to their list. This has enabled new players to find the game and it can be seen as peaks in daily views chart.

Currently, there have been total of 97 hosts sharing "Turbomole's Trial Run" game (according to NG statistics). In practice, 90% of all views have generated by 6 hosts. It seems that most of the audience has been located at Japan, Turkey, and South Korea. Rest of the world has ignored the game so far.

Based on this information I think it is very important that you find the right websites to spread your flash game. But it is an another story how to find them. At least I don't have direct answer to that.



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