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It's about two years since I last time tried to do something with Unity3D. At those days I did not have much gamedev experience. I just took some web based trainings and created couple of demos, but decided to use bit simpler tools for my first game projects.

So far I have created several Flash games with Stencyl, and couple of Android games using Construct 2. Although these games are pretty simple and silly, I feel my level of gamedev knowledge has improved a lot by doing these games from the beginning to the end.

Now I am trying to get familiar with latest Unity3D tool. I decided to start learning with free Unity 2D tutorial from Udemy. Obviously there are plenty of other trainings available, but this seemed like a good intro for using the tool.

My first impression is that there has been lots of improvements in Unity3D since the version 3 I was using last time. Somehow the tool seems to be easier to use now, or my skills have improved a lot in last two years. :)

I have a lot to learn, but I am hoping to get my first Unity3D game ready before end of this year. Let's see how the work progresses. Stay tuned!



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