Sunday, November 29, 2015

Monty Hall Problem Simulator

Have you ever heard abut Monty Hall Problem? Basically, it is kind of a brain teaser that has been named according to the host of the television game show called "Let's Make a Deal".

The starting point for this matter is the situation where there are three closed doors in front of you. Behind one door is a grand prize (money, car, whatever), and behind other two doors there is something less desirable (nothing, goat, etc.). Anyways, you have to pick one door. After selection is done, one door (with less desirable content) is opened for you. Now you have to decide whether you want to stay in your original selection or switch to other door.

There are conflicting opinions which choice is better, but but now you can try it yourselves using this free Android application: Monty Hall Problem Simulator

This was a nice and relaxing weekend project for me, and I already have some improvement ideas in my mind. I probably shoud do an update at some point...

If you are interested to get more details about the problem itself, please check this Wikipedia article.

Edit 11.12.2015: Check also attached video from Youtube:


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