Flying Dachshund

Do you find dachshunds (sausage dogs, wiener dogs) adorable? If so, then this game is for you (removed from Google Play Store because of outdated API):

Dogs Games: Flying Dachshund is a simple and funny game for kids. Make dachshund puppy to fly by tapping screen and try to catch as many sausages you can.

Your dachshund gets flying energy by eating sausages. Golden sausage fills the energy meter, and flying consumes energy. And if this sounds too easy, bear in mind that evil cats and flying turkeys are trying to stop you. So be careful out there when playing Dogs Games: Flying Dachshund!

- Easy to play game mechanics
- Energy meter
- Give flying dachshund any name you want
- Google Play Leaderboard

Game was developed using Construct2, and Android conversion was done with Intel XDK (Crosswalk). Game background music is Spazzmatica Polka by Kevin MacLeod (

Happy flying with Dogs Games: Flying Dachshund!


PS. All graphics are drawn by by 11 years old daughter. :)


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