Dualball game concept (preview video)

We have been working on two new game concepts for a while, and introduced the preview video of the more mature one for couple of days ago.

At this point game has a working title "Dualball" and that describes quite well what the game is going to be. In short, the target of the game is to control two balls with single button (or touch, depends on the device). There are lots of obstacles and traps inserted to the route and balls should be steered past them. Naturally, rewards are not forgotten and there are certain number of coins on each level to be collected.

Basically "dualball" is very simple and easy to play game. The challenge comes from the fact that player has to keep two separate objects in control using single click (or touch) as an user interface. It is far more difficult than you would think in the beginning!

Currently, we are generating more levels to the game. Target is to have 24 levels in the first official release later this year. As you might guess, there is also lots of polishing and optimization to be done. One pain point will be the quality of graphics (what a surprise!), but we are trying to use ready-made assets where we can.

We are still using Stencyl for game development, so the target platforms are limited to flash and android for the first release. Other platforms will be evaluated later, if it seems that there is enough interest to this game. 



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