Android video capture issues

Edit 13.7.2017: This article is bit outdated, because nowadays Android Studio provides tools for recording video from Android device. And also Google Play Game Services app has a way to record your game directly. 

I tried to find video capture program for the Android tablet to get better quality gameplay videos from our own game projects. Unfortunately, it seems that there are not so many solutions available, or at least I was not able to find any suitable for my needs. 

Most of the Android video capture tools seems to require rooting, and I was not willing to do that right now. As far as I understand rooting will void the warranty (according to this article), and my Tab3 is approx 3 weeks old. So it was very easy to decide that rooting is not a solution here.

There were also some video capture tools that were told to be "no-rooting-required" (according to their developers). But I did not manage to get any of them working in my tab. I also found couple of tools to be used with computer + USB cable (in developer mode), but I had problems to get them running without problems (maybe it's my Linux laptop?).

I decided not to install any video capture tool to Android tab. Instead, I installed a tool called "simplescreenrecorder" to my Linux laptop. After that it was very quick and easy to create flash version of game and record a short clip of "dualball" gameplay. I will get back to Android screen recorder sometimes later, because I really would like to get some videoclips also from tablet. 

Anyways, the resulting gameplay clip is attached below. 



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