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Winds of change

There has been lots of changes in my life within the last six months, and this blog has received very little attention from me. However, I try to put together what has been happened since my last update. First of all, I started Game Specialist training program at Tampere University in the end of January. Total of 16 IT professionals were selected, and I was luckily one of them. The main target of the program was to grow participants' skills and knowledge in game design and development, gamification, social media, game industry ecosystem, business fundamentals. Also, hands-on game development projects were major part of the training.  Training was proceeding at full speed in the beginning of March, when I surprisingly got a job offer from large Finnish telecommunications company: The customer of my previous employer was asking if I was interested to join their team and continue working with the tasks I had "always" been doing. So I was in the point where I had to c