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Running multiple domains on one NGINX server

In addition to domain we have now registered domain for our planned business in Finland (mostly HW/SW consulting and financial and office management services). As we are doing this part-time, we want to keep web hosting costs in control. Therefore we wanted to run the web pages of both domains on same server. The original homepage of WestSloth Games ( has been running on single AWS Lightsail instance. In this solution, the monthly expenses are well-know in advance. But on the other hand server capacity is limited to some level. Anyways, the load for has not been too large for the Lightsail instance to handle it. So we thought we can easily run on same server too. webserver is built using NGINX, Gunicorn and Django framework plus local MySQL database. Web page is built using Bootstrap front-end framework. Adding another domain to NGINX setup was done by following these instructions on applicable

We are officially a company!

After 6+ years of existence and hobby-based game development, WestSloth Games is now part of a freshly registered company called Westsloth Oy! My family member needed to set up a company for invoicing occasional work, and we decided it's time to make Westsloth a real game company! To secure company's finances our main businesses are computer hardware and software consultancy plus office and financial management services. But game and app development stays as an essential part of Westsloth and we hope games will start generating revenue in the future. This change does not have much impact the way we develop games: At the moment I am doing development on a part-time basis (my day job has priority). But of course things can change. And as before, we know we are still ramping up our game development competence and our target is to do every new game better than the previous one! Transition to company control is ongoing and there will be some changes e.g. in WestSloth Games