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sine wave (construct 2)

Apparently, I had a need to create a scene where the X position of consecutive objects was determined with sine function. Simultaneously, objects were moving from top to bottom, keeping their X position all the time until they exit the screen. Please see  sine wave demo (html5)  to get an idea what I was trying to do.  ( not available anymore ) The ready-made "Sine" function of Construct 2 was not suitable in this case, because I did not want to make the series of objects to look like a worm. :) Task is not too complicated and math it pretty easy, but anyways I decided to create an example showing my solution. If you are not willing to download .capx from my own server, the screenshot below shows the most critical points to implement this behavior: Basically, you will need following events and variables to make things working: xPosDelta determines the "steps" in which the objects are created. You can try to change the value o

"DualBall" released

This is just to inform, that " DualBall " flash version was released yesterday to Newgrounds (click picture to access the game). Judgment process has already been passed, and users have rated the game to 2.88 stars (out of 5) currently. But it is a bit different story if this was worth all the effort. For some reason, this game has several setbacks during the development process (HDD failure, migrating from Linux environment to Windows, some lack of motivation, lost asset library, etc.). Anyways, we were able to finish and publish this game. We started developing this game somewhere in the beginning of August. I had an obsession to try how two objects could be controlled by turns using just one mouse button (or touch on mobile device). Even if I have not yet released any mobile games, I have spent lot of time thinking the UI for them. Anyways, when you are planning a game for mobile devices, you should keep in mind that controls should be as simple as possible. The