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Rocket Orbit Android Game

  Today we published new hyper-casual game to Google Play Store (beta version, still).  Game is called "Rocket Orbit" and it is some kind of a facelift for "Rocket to Uranus" game that was published about two years ago.  Biggest modifications were done in visual outlook where original multi-colored UI with (almost) all possible colors is now replaced with restrained set of colors. Main theme consists of different shades of blue. We also added a UFO to bring some randomness to the game.  Playing Rocket Orbit game is simple: You are controlling small blue rocket that is jumping between the planets from one orbit to the second orbit. You need to schedule the tap accurately so your rocket can get to next planet orbit safely.  🚀 Rocket Orbit game features:  ✔️ Easy to play hyper-casual game mechanism ✔️ Yet challenging and hard to master ✔️ Annoying UFO disturbing your perfect game ✔️ Google Play Services Leaderboard ✔️ No levels, just endless space in front of you How

Own Fan Product Store: Why?

We got couple of weeks ago new idea: We ordered a few t-shirts with our own designs from one large European print-by-demand service, and started thinking if we could also sell clothes with our own designs for larger audience. We thought that by buying products, our fans (I guess we have some?) could support our operations and at the same time these unique products would act as advertisements for our games. After familiarization to the topic we came to the conclusion that it is worth at least trying it. The risk is quite small because there is no own warehouse and the on-demand vendor takes care of all practical matters (orders, payments, printing, logistics, etc.). It took me approx one evening to set up the account for WestSloth Games, create some initial designs (Flamingos, mostly), and then decide the appearance of the online shop. After that we were ready to go and now we have Fan Product shops up and running world-wide. One shop in EU and one shop at US. Links to both

How Many Downloads? (Real Data Included)

I will now present a realistic summary how "Flamingo Tap Tap Run" Android game did over the first 6 months. For that I created a graph that shows moving 30 days average for new downloads. It should give a good idea how the number of downloads has evolved after the updates. Graph looks great (really steep slope after major update) as long you don't look the scale on the left hand side. But here come the details: First major version of Flamingo game was available on 3rd of September 2019. It had just one flamingo character and there was no use for collected shrimps. This version got around 50 downloads per month, that has been pretty typical for most of our released little games. Second major version with large update was released on 3rd of January 2020. This one had total of 8 playable flamingo characters which player could buy using the collected shrimps. This update increased the number of monthly downloads to 200+ and it can also be seen from the attached graph.