Flamingo Game statistics update

Our reasonably popular Flamingo Tap Tap Run Android game is celebrating 1-year anniversary after a major update in the beginning of January 2020. In this update we introduced several playable Flamingo characters and did some improvements and fixes to gameplay. 

Although the game has not been a real breakthrough, the number of new downloads has been fairly steady throughout the year. Advertising revenue has also been steady, and even increased towards the end of the year. We are still talking about less than 10 Euros per month, but with current investment and effort it is just ok. All Flamingo game downloads are organic, since no paid advertising used. And yes, we have not included any in-app purchases in any of our games.

I collected couple of graphs showing how the total number of installations and number of new installations (28 days moving average) has developed since the very first launch date in September 2019. Major update was done in the beginning of 2020 and that has been marked to both graphs. 

Flamingo game: total downloads since launch in Sept 2019

Flamingo game: 28 days moving average for new downloads

If you are interested in advertisement related statistics, I can tell following numbers:

  • Admob network requests have varied between 2k-10k / month
  • Impressions between 1.2k-2.4k / month
  • eCPM between 1.2€-3.8€ on monthly level
With numbers above I would say that scaling up the downloads would also bring more income. But then the big question is how to do that, especially since we have no intention to go for paid user acquisition? :) 

Don't forget to check our Fan Product shop in case you are big fan of our Flamingo characters!



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