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WestSloth Games: New website with brand-new domain!

In addition to game development hobby I have improved my web development skills by creating and developing websites for my own purposes.

Now I have taken a step towards cloud services and web backend by releasing brand-new landing page for our released games:

Page features:
- Single-page, album-style design
- Responsive, scales for all screen sizes
- Admin console with login for adding/removing/modifying games entries easily

Under the hood:
- Django web framework
- Bootstrap front-end component library
- Local MySQL database. Option to use Postgresql e.g. from Amazon RDS
- Gunicorn Python WSGI HTTP server
- NGINX web server
- Runs on single Amazon Lightsail instance (AWS EC2, in practice)
- Amazon Route 53 for domain hosting and DNS

Basically, building simple landing page using Django was surprisingly easy: There are plenty of good tutorials available all over the web and almost all issues were solved by googling error messages. It took me approx 2 hours to ge…