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Unity3D: Camera Shake Effect with C# Example

One of my unfinished Unity3D game projects required camera shaking function, so I wrote one from scratch. I just needed a script that shakes camera for a certain time and magnitude, and can be called from other script. Also, sometimes it would be useful to trigger this from UI button using OnClick(). Added 9.10.2018: This script is now available also at GitHub: Please find script below: Script is added as a script component to the Camera type object and then it should be ready for use. You just have to figure out how and when to trigger it in your own game. I hope that someone will find this script snippet useful! -Jussi

Conference Call Bingo

Does your job contain lots of conference calls with customers, co-workers and/or subconstractors? If so, I bet you have also noticed that same phrases and unintentional voice effects are repeated in almost every conf call.  In addition to the engineering work my job contains lots of conference calls. And same soundtrack from one call to another. So I decided to make a small game like application which makes use of these commonly heard phrases and other sounds.  Today I uploaded first version of "Conference Call Bingo" to Google Play Store. It is currently marked as beta release, because I still have some improvements in my mind. But the core functionality should be working pretty well already in this release.  Please download the app and give it a try. I am pretty sure that most of you will find the phrases very familiar, especially if you are having regular meetings with people all over the world. :)  -Jussi.

Indie Game Marketing Trial

As you might have noticed, our first Unity3D game "Bananamarine: Endless Submarine Tap Adventure" was released for couple of weeks ago. This time we decided to put some more effort on game marketing than we have done before: We even had a marketing budget of some tens of Euros (or Dollars), instead of the normal flat-zero budget for our previous games. :) Our target for this trial was to get some experience how game visibility and number of downloads could be increased. Our expectations are not too high, but we just want to see if something really can be done to get things going better. First we started testing how easy it is to increase number of followers for Bananamarine Facebook page with paid advertising. After 10 days and less than 10 Euros spent we had over 350 followers. But we must admit that advertising was targeted to very low cost countries. Anyways, now our simple FB page looks more street-credible than before the campaign. :) We also did some "f

Unity3D: Stuck with Play Game Services plugin

Bananamarine game project has been progressing quite smoothly most of the time. But yesterday I ran into situation where Unity got stuck when I tried to add Google Play Game Services plugin  to my project. I want to have at least leaderboard to my game, so leaving game services out was not an option. Basically, plugin installation was successful, but after that all I got was a dialog window telling: "Getting list of installed Android packages". And tool was not responding anymore, even if I waited couple of hours. I tried to search help for this problem using google, but there were not many hits to help me forward with this issue. Somehow I figured out that this was something related to the Android SDK version(s), so I decided to update my Android Studio installation first. After Android Studio update I removed game services stuff from Unity project, updated SDK path to preferences, and tried to re-install plugin. But result was still the same: I got a dialog telli

Bananamarine update

Hello, guys! Bananamarine project has progressed almost as planned, and release day is close. From gameplay point of view everything is roughtly done, only some polishing and finetuning is still on To-Do list. I guess most work still to be done is on UI and Google Play Store integration. Then we should be ready for launch. And yes, lots of intensive playtesting is required still. Lots of work has also been done on side activities: We opened yesterday Bananamarine landing page , and Facebook page has also been active for several weeks. There is also new playtesting video available at Youtube (embedded below). Please check it to see how game looks today. I don't want to fix exact release day just right now, because this work is done on hobby basis. But current guess is the week after Midsummer (26th-30th June 2017). So please wait one more week for release. :) -Jussi.

New project: "Bananamarine"

Hi for a long time! Despite the silence WestSloth Games is alive and kickin'. :) I have been working on our next title for couple months, and now it seems that full release can be done within couple of weeks. The name of the game is Bananamarine and currently we have plan to publish it only for Android devices. This will be our first game developed with Unity3D and C#. Player will control small yellow submarine called "Bananamarine". There will be pearls to be collected and mines to be dodged. Also, a mixed selection of very special marine organisms are swimming in this game. If interested, please check attached video from Bananamarine playtest. Basic functionality is working pretty fine and some features are still to be added. All graphics is drawn by me (unfortunately), so please don't mind so-called "coder-art". :) That's all from us at the moment. Be prepared for full launch within June 2017! -Jussi