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New HW for gamedev / Lost the spark

This spring has been pretty quiet for me from gamedev point of view. There has simply been no energy and motivation to start anything new. I've done fixes for some previously released games and tried to draft one new mobile game concept, but that's all. Maybe I have lost my spark? However, decided to upgrade my gamedev hardware last week and bought Lenovo Legion T5 gaming desktop with pretty ok display controller (RTX3060), 16GB RAM and Intel i5 CPU. This is not a true high-end computer, but the price was reasonable and the performance is enough for my use (mobile game development).  Currently there are 500GB+1TB SSD drives working as a mass storage. Backups are taken to 4TB USB drive.  Display is still the same old 24" HD monitor, but I am planning to buy 32" 4K display in close future.  My previous Lenovo Legion laptop has served well for last 4+ years as my main tool for Unity development. But now it is time for it to retire and move to my daughter's use (drawi

WestSloth Games 2021 wrap-up

We entered to year 2022 for few days ago, so it is time to check what was achieved during last year.  On 2021 WestSloth Games released total of 4 casual or hyper-casual games: Reaction Training Game Speed Tapping Game Laser Dodger Tower Rescue Hero (still in beta) On top of released games we kept up developing our own hyper-casual development platform on top of Unity3D game engine. It simplifies and speeds up our game development cycle enabling us to concentrate on game mechanics. Platform handles boring tasks like scene management, main state machine, ads and game services integration. Also, it takes care of consent dialog and management nowadays.   In fact, all four games listed above are using some version of platform to implement scene management, main state machine(s) and advertisements. Also, Tower Rescue Hero is also using consent management feature that was introduced in the the 4th version of the platform.  5th version of platform is under planning, and that should streamlin