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Issue with Unity3D: "Found plugins with same names, and ."

*** IMPORTANT *** Following contains my approach for fixing duplicated plugins error in Unity3D. I have no idea if it is a correct way to do this, but it worked in my case.  BACK UP YOUR PROJECT BEFORE TRYING THIS APPROACH!  *** IMPORTANT *** So. let's start.  I decided to try using Android App Bundle (AAP) instead of regular APK because I got an understanding that it might make game download and installation size smaller. However, I was using bit too old version of Unity3D so I downloaded latest version from their site and converted my exising game project for that. Game conversion from Unity 2018.2.13f1 to 2019.2.0f1 was running smoothly with no errors. But when I tried to compile my little game for Android, I got bit strange error message:  " Found plugins with same name,  and  . Delete the one of the duplicate plugins " (please note the empty spaces around 'and' word).  I have seen something like this ear