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Indie Game Marketing Trial

As you might have noticed, our first Unity3D game "Bananamarine: Endless Submarine Tap Adventure" was released for couple of weeks ago. This time we decided to put some more effort on game marketing than we have done before: We even had a marketing budget of some tens of Euros (or Dollars), instead of the normal flat-zero budget for our previous games. :) Our target for this trial was to get some experience how game visibility and number of downloads could be increased. Our expectations are not too high, but we just want to see if something really can be done to get things going better. First we started testing how easy it is to increase number of followers for Bananamarine Facebook page with paid advertising. After 10 days and less than 10 Euros spent we had over 350 followers. But we must admit that advertising was targeted to very low cost countries. Anyways, now our simple FB page looks more street-credible than before the campaign. :) We also did some "f