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Conference Call Bingo

Does your job contain lots of conference calls with customers, co-workers and/or subconstractors? If so, I bet you have also noticed that same phrases and unintentional voice effects are repeated in almost every conf call.  In addition to the engineering work my job contains lots of conference calls. And same soundtrack from one call to another. So I decided to make a small game like application which makes use of these commonly heard phrases and other sounds.  Today I uploaded first version of "Conference Call Bingo" to Google Play Store. It is currently marked as beta release, because I still have some improvements in my mind. But the core functionality should be working pretty well already in this release.  Please download the app and give it a try. I am pretty sure that most of you will find the phrases very familiar, especially if you are having regular meetings with people all over the world. :)  -Jussi.