WestSloth Games year 2020 wrap up

Hello All!

For WestSloth Games year 2020 was mostly business as usual. We were still working part-time on game development within the time that was available. Sometimes there was no time at all and sometimes there was some spare time for gamedev. I any case, we accomplished and learned a lot during this year. 

Here are some highlights:

  • Major update for Flamingo Tap Tap Run Android game was released in the very beginning of the year. Some statistics with download numbers and ad impressions/eCPM values is revealed in separate blog article
  • Couple of updates were done for Flamingo game. These included couple of bug fixes and API level updates. Biggest update introduced embedded minigame to get more shrimps. 
  • A new variant for our previous rocket game was released in June 2020. Rocket Orbit can still be found from Google Play Store, although the number of downloads has so far been bit disappointing. In interested in details, please check separate blog article on releasing "Rocket Orbit Android Game".
  • We also opened a Fan Product Store for selling different apparels with images from Flamingo game. Not a great success yet, but it might improve our visibility on long-term. 
  • At autumn time I have been mostly working on couple of new game concepts and also learning  new skills on different areas in game development and front-end design. 
  • In end end of year 2020 WestSloth Oy started first customer/subcontracting project to develop a small browser game using React.js framework. Final version of game was delivered to happy customer in the beginning of December and it will be taken into production use in upcoming months. 
So all in all, interesting year with new learned skills and game launches. Also, it is now proven that we are able to act as an subcontractor e.g. for Unity game or web app development. So don't hesitate to ask if you need help in your own projects!

We are curiously looking forward to what will happen on 2021!



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