How Many Downloads? (Real Data Included)

I will now present a realistic summary how "Flamingo Tap Tap Run" Android game did over the first 6 months. For that I created a graph that shows moving 30 days average for new downloads. It should give a good idea how the number of downloads has evolved after the updates.

Graph looks great (really steep slope after major update) as long you don't look the scale on the left hand side. But here come the details:

First major version of Flamingo game was available on 3rd of September 2019. It had just one flamingo character and there was no use for collected shrimps. This version got around 50 downloads per month, that has been pretty typical for most of our released little games.

Second major version with large update was released on 3rd of January 2020. This one had total of 8 playable flamingo characters which player could buy using the collected shrimps. This update increased the number of monthly downloads to 200+ and it can also be seen from the attached graph. For us this trial proved that it really is beneficial to update the game with features that will make players return and encourage them to share application download link for others.

In short, Flamingo has now bit over 700 downloads. The number does not sound too large, but compared to our earlier games this has done relatively well. All downloads are organic, so no paid installations or even paid advertising in social media. And yes, based on the data it seems that number of monthly installs is still growing.

With current download volumes the income from advertisements is so small that no-one can earn his living with that (some Euros/Dollars per month). I quickly calculated that good level of income might be achieved with 1000x number of downloads, assuming that CPM will stay about the same. Luckily I am not doing this for living (at least yet)! :)

At the moment we have no plans to do further updates for Flamingo game. But we are monitoring the situation and any good improvement ideas are welcome! :)



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