Hyper-casual Game Development Platform and Prototyping Service

Fourth version of our hyper-casual game development platform is alive! It simplifies and speeds up our game development cycle enabling us to concentrate on game core mechanics. Platform handles boring tasks like scene management, main state machine, Ads and game services integration, and it also takes care of consent dialog and management.

Our hyper-casual platform forms up on Unity package that can be imported basically on any Unity3D project at almost any design stage. At the moment package supports Android development only since we have not yet done any development for iOS. Also, Admob is the only supported ad network in current version, but we are planning to add others later. 

There are certain steps to be done to get hyper-casual platform to use: 

  1. Create new Unity project (or load existing one)
  2. Ensure that target platform is "Android"
  3. Import hyper-casual package
  4. Select which services you want to use: consent, ads, Google Play Game Services
  5. Set up selected services

Laser Dodger Android Game
We are also planning to launch cost effective hyper-casual game prototyping service for external customers. It will take advantage of our new platform to make development cycle and costs more predictable. Pipe-cleaning project is already ongoing and we would expect open beta release pretty soon. In fact, our most recently published hyper-casual games are all build on top of the previous version of this platform. 

Example apps in Google Play Store: 

This is not fully decided yet, but standard prototype delivery for a customer might include:

  • Fully-functional hyper-casual 2D game prototype
  • Required scenes: initialization, consent screen, menu screen, game screen (no multiple levels)
  • Prototyping/placeholder graphics: simple shapes or characters (no complex animations)
  • Basic sound effects like bounce, hit, splash, jump, explode, burn, collect items, etc.
  • Basic UI using some publicly available font
  • Simple consent screen for Ads or Analytics
  • Admob integration: banner, interstitial, rewarded ads
  • Google Play Services integration: Leaderboards, achievements, etc.
  • Full Unity3D project, including all assets, codes, etc.
In case you are interested on our services and would like to get more information, please drop an email to contact@westsloth.com. We are happy to tell more! 

Westsloth Oy (Finnish trade register ID: 3012425-8) is a small game studio dedicated to building our own games. Besides that we provide Unity3D and web app development services plus office and financial management services. 



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